Intuitive flexibility via
open communication.

EdgePM specialise in the delivery of commercial office and retail projects using a collaborative and hands on approach.

The EdgePM team pride ourselves on delivering tailored and efficient project management solutions that ensure our clients achieve their desired outcomes

We call it the EdgePM approach.

What we do

Core Principles

By working to our core principles, EdgePM accurately measures project success through four key indicators:

  • Delivering valuable commercial property outcomes.
  • Exceeding clients’ expectations.
  • Repeat Business
  • Client referral

Accordingly, the EdgePM portfolio is built on a foundation of client service and professional loyalty exemplifying our capabilities.

With an extensive track record in the completion over $300m in projects throughout Australia, we’ve built trusted partnerships forged through professional collaboration. Working with these key stakeholders to deliver a unified vision, EdgePM imparts seamless partner trust that equates to quantifiable project results.

Our highly committed team works in proactive integration with clients and stakeholders through the entire design and construction process to maintain a clear understanding of project objectives. We set clear project milestones while diligently monitoring progress to adhere to the project scope. The joint outcomes are always positive as is evident in the ongoing partnerships with our valued clients which include blue chip Companies such as Investa Property Group, Coles Limited and Suncorp.