Complex projects
require clear solutions.

Complex projects require clear solutions. EdgePM accurately assess a project’s real-time state of play and applies strategic planning pathways to forecast commercially viable outcomes. Throughout the project delivery, we identify valuable opportunities by harnessing the collective power of close stakeholder and team relationships in a process we call, focused delivery.

Being an independent firm, we offer clients direct access to decision makers across the entire project life cycle. Through open communication and collaborative solutions, we build successful partnerships that solidify project integrity.


Project Management

EdgePM delivers the following professional services under our project management scope:

  • Due diligence inspections and reporting
  • Project brief preparation
  • Project planning and reporting
  • Project chairing of client and consultant meetings
  • Design management
  • Facilitation of Authorities Approvals
  • Design and documentation management
  • Procurement advice
  • Cost management
  • Risk management
  • Workplace health and safety monitoring and reporting
  • Tender preparation, assessment and recommendation
  • Contract preparation and award
  • Contract administration
  • Defects inspection and reporting
  • Handover and commissioning advice and attendance

Tenancy Coordination

EdgePM delivers the complete package of tenancy coordination services including:

  • Meeting with the leasing representative to discuss the tenant strategy and opportunities to integrate the layout into the building design.
  • Meeting with the tenancy designer and reviewing associated documentation.
  • Fitout Management
  • Tenant liaison during the fitout process.
  • Cost management
  • Issue of the final account